Introducing GrubWell.

We have one mission: to empower you so you can choose health your way. 

We find you healthy meal options based on your tastes, making it easier to eat right.



What is GrubWell?

Eating healthy can be challenging, especially when dining out. When you're hungry, in a rush, or just eating out with friends, it can be hard to find healthy meals. GrubWell is a one-of-a-kind app that makes eating healthy easier by pairing you with dietitian-approved meals from local restaurants, based on your personal tastes and specific nutritional needs.

How does GrubWell work? What can we do for you?

When dining out, you can search Grubwell for healthy restaurants in your area. We use your height, weight, and gender to determine your nutritional needs, and then we introduce you to dietitian-approved dishes at these restaurants, based on your unique preferences and nutritional needs. 

As a user, you will also have the ability to help certify your favorite restaurants. We'll send our dietitians to restaurants to assess them against our GrubWell standards. If they don't currently meet the standards, our dietitians will help modify at least two menu items in order to allow the restaurant to become GrubWell certified. Certified menu items will have their nutritional info published in the Grubwell app.

What can GrubWell do for your restaurant?

If you are a restaurant owner, getting certified by Grubwell is a great way to attract new health-conscious customers and to let all your customers know you care about their health.

Even if your menu doesn't currently meet Grubwell standards, our dietitians can help you analyze and modify two or more dishes so that they meet our standards for certification. The more certified dishes you have, the stronger your restaurant's presence in the Grubwell app! 

We are starting a movement to improve the availability of healthy dining options and make it easier to eat healthy. Join our movement, and let's work together to create a healthy tomorrow!

You can submit your favorite local restaurant to us via our website or app.

Request it


Once the certified item(s) is available, we will share to other Grubwell users that enjoy healthy dining. To reward your contribution, we'll send you a discount coupon for your next healthy meal!

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Certify it

After receiving your request, we will contact the restaurant and send a local dietitian to help convert their menu items to achieve the GrubWell healthy Standard.   


GrubWell is your Healthy Dining Revolution

Vote for your favorite local restaurant, and we'll work on making their menu healthier.

Where will GrubWell be available?

Restaurants in Loma Linda, the San Gabriel Valley, and other Inland Empire regions will be the first locations users can dine at.

Loma Linda


Inland Empire


San Gabriel Valley

About the GrubWell Team

We are a group of normal people including dietitians, food explorers, picky eaters, and health advocates. We believe that passion and technology can change the world.

Focus, Food, Feel, and Feedback.

Scott Y. Sun | Co-Founder

Iris is a nutritionist who has experiences in designing healthy meal plans for local health care center, providing food demonstrations and nutrition group education. She believes that (joy + good food) is the best medicine in this world to strengthen our body and even refresh our mind in order to give us longevity. She wishes to be a part of changing lives to be healthy through the way of what we eat.

Iris S. Kwan | M.P.H., RD

Kevin is a foodie, an entrepreneur, and a nutritionist. He believes that food is life. He wants to show the world how it can be changed with a flick of a fork.

Kevin Kim | Co-founder/Nutritionist

Steven is currently a medical student with a deep passion for health and wellness. With his extensive medical knowledge and understanding, he believes that a healthy diet and exercise can prevent many chronic diseases. Combined with his passion for Family Medicine and managing chronic diseases, he wishes to utilize his understanding of medicine to provide a synthesized approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Steven Frey | Chief Operating Officer

John is scientist who has done research on energy metabolism and is primarily interested in how food affects the human body. With his extensive knowledge of biochemistry and metabolism, he aims to help educate the community on how to optimize their health through diet and exercise.

Dr. John Tan | Chief Scientific Officer

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If you share our goal to promote healthy eating and/or want to educate yourself, your family, or your community, please get in touch. Let’s make a difference together!

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